The Thanksgiving Visitor

by Truman Capote
illustrated by Beth Peck
Alfred A. Knopf, 1992
ISBN 978-0679838982

Buddy and his closest friend, his eccentric, elderly cousin, Miss Sook - the memorable characters from Capote's A Christmas Memory--love preparing their old country house for Thanksgiving. But there's trouble in the air. Odd Henderson, a scrawny, freckled, red-headed bully, makes Buddy the target of his relentless torment. But Miss Sook only counsels patience and understanding. "He can't help acting ugly; he doesn't know any different," she says. Filled with emotions that are universal to both young readers and adults, this poignant story brings to life what we all should cherish and be thankful for--the gifts of friendship and love.

Behind the Scenes

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